Let’s get controversial.

This is not going to be hate on crops or bits but if you get offended by those things please leave this post.

Hey guys! About a year before I quit saddleseat I really noticed a lot of abuse. Not at my own barn just everywhere, mostly shows. I preferibly wouldn’t like to use a bit with my new training horse but he needs one for about a week. The horse that I am currently looking at needs some of help. He hasn’t been ridden a lot due to his previous owner getting injured, he needs some veterinary work as well. After I finish getting him back to his old routine I’m going to get a bit less bridle preferably. One thing that I will NEVER do again is ride with a crop or anything that can inflict any pain to him. I don’t care if people use crops it’s just not my style. Thanks for reading, I know it’s a very controversial topic but at the end of the day we love our horses and our horses love us.

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