Riding horses and falling :) everyone will fall sometime

C8D894CC-8D47-43C4-A84E-08246317BBE7.pngso last summer I was riding a lesson horse in our outdoor arena, my assistant trainer was giving my best friend, another girl, and I a lesson. When it came time to canter the girl in front of me went first, I like to take my time start my canter. So I was waiting for her to get far enough because the horse I was riding (rooskie) is a speed demon. I ask him to canter by turning him to the rail and giving him a kick and a cluck, this horse decides to bolt into the center. I lost my right stirrup and my reins so I was hanging on to dear life. Oh and I should mention he is the only horse I have ever fallen off. My assistant trainer held her hands out to grab his bridle, so he darted the other direction. My food got trapped in my stirrup so I got dragged a little. I managed to reach up and grab my foot out but when I came off my foot was bent the wrong direction. I walked the the gazebo to sit down and take off my boot. Everyone said I was okay and that it was just a sprain. My trainer had to ride with us to go get his truck, the whole ride there I was holding back tears because it hurt so bad. Everyone said I was faking the pain. We finally went to the doctor three days later everyone was in shock when they said my ankle was fractured 🙂 if you worry about falling don’t be, everyone falls just make sure you have protection. Take it from me, if you’re worrying about falling it takes away the joy of riding. Riding without a helmet doesn’t make you “cool”.

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