Come meet my horses!

Hey guys! This blog with have a few controversial topics like bits and whips/ crops. But come meet my horses! 7D3A3A5C-A06C-46C9-B5DC-D2E30D2F70D3This is Bandit! He is half hackney and Icelandic pony. He is sassy and he knows it. He is believed to be 18 years old. We got him in 2014. Bandit is very different from all of our animals. He is extremely photogenic, anytime he sees a camera he poses.


This is Bella! My dad’s hackney show pony. We got her in November, she is 12 years old and her first show is on the 27th of September. She loves nicker makers, my dad went so overboard with buying her treats. He got a dog food bag full of them.